Cultivated meat aims to become an alternative to the traditional meat production process, cultivating animal cells in bioreactors instead of growing, farming and slaughtering animals.

This cell-based meat, free of animal cruelty and exploitation, will be more environmentally friendly, reducing dramatically carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions and land and water use, compared to intensive livestock farming.

Cultivated meat eliminates the need for antibiotics, commonly used in animal farming, with major consequences for human health due to antibiotic-resistant infections. A significant bottleneck to the scale-up of animal cell culture is the cost of culture media, due mainly to the essential need of growth factors, and cost reduction is mandatory to provide a product similar in terms of price to conventional farm origin meat. Advantages of using plant-made animal growth factors may be a key point to make scaled production of cultivated meat economically viable and to reach price competitiveness.

Agrenvec’s extensive experience in routinely producing endotoxin free, recombinant proteins in plants, permits offering tailor made solutions for innovators in cultivated meat. Optimized beef, chicken, pork or fish growth factors can be produced under demand.

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