Plants have been, and still are, the most important source of active cosmetic ingredients.

Different extracts and oils are obtained from roots, leaves, flowers or seeds, searching different benefits for skin-care formulations.

In our case, plants are the bio-factories that produce compounds that are more sophisticated. Thanks to biotechnology, plants are able to produce naturally occurring skin proteins. These bio-engineered, plant-produced proteins are particularly well suited for cosmetic applications, as they are identical to the ones our skin produces in its natural renewal process. This high-tech, innovative active ingredients are specially designed and produced for a new generation of premium cosmetics, backed by extensive knowledge of molecular biology, biotechnology and plant proteomics.

Human Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) or different types of human collagen are examples of human proteins, fully functional, produced in plants. So far, collagen has been an animal-derived protein, extracted from fisheries byproducts. Our plants system delivers a 100% animal-free collagen, meeting society demands of products free of animal cruelty and exploitation.

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