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For the first time, Agrenvec will be attending this Foodtech World Summit in Bilbao. Visitors from more than 25 countries will discover the latest innovations and technological solutions that are transforming the food and beverage industry during this edition of Food 4 Future.

Agrenvec is introducing the concept “Molecular farming for Cellular farming”.

Cellular farming

Cellular farming is the production of animal-based products from cell cultures rather than directly from animals. Cultivated meat is the best well-known example, and aims to become an alternative to the traditional meat production process, cultivating animal cells in bioreactors instead of farming and slaughtering cows or pigs.

A significant bottleneck to the scale-up of animal cell culture is the cost of culture media, due mainly to the essential need for growth factors, and a reduction in costs is needed to provide a product similar in terms of price to conventional farm origin meat.

Molecular farming

Here is where the term molecular farming appears: it refers to the production in plants, traditionally used in agriculture, of molecules, proteins or other metabolites valuable to medicine or industry. Agrenvec has an extensive experience producing these growth factors in plants and can provide tailor made solutions for innovators in cultivated meat.

Advantages of using plant-made animal growth factors may be a key point to make scaled production of cultivated meat economically viable and to reach price competitiveness, while maintaining a 100% plant origin.

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