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Human Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Human TRX


Catalog number: RF0106

Format: 15 mg

Origin: It is produced by transient expression in non-transgenic plants. Recombinant Human TRX is purified by sequential chromatography (FPLC). This product contains no animal–derived components or impurities. Animal Free product.

Description: Recombinant human TRX is a 12.4 kDa protein containing 110 amino acid residues fused to a 6 His tag at N-terminal. It participates in various redox reactions through the reversible oxidation of its active center dithiol to a disulfide and catalyzes dithiol-disulfide exchange reactions. Plays a role in the reversible S-nitrosylation of cysteine residues in target proteins, and thereby contributes to the response to intracellular nitric oxide. It is a small protein which regulates cellular redox status and scavenges reactive oxygen species (ROS). In additions to its anti-oxidant properties, TRX has a crucial rol in the redox regulation of cellular signalling and activation, it is involved in several redox-dependent processes such as gene expression, signal transduction, cell growth, apoptosis and interacting with variosu kinds of target molecules.

Species: Human

Purity: > 95% by SDS-PAGE gel

Endotoxin: < 0.04 EU / μg protein (LAL method)

Formulation: Lyophilized PBS pH 7,5. Sterile filtered through 0.2 µm filter.

Reconstitution: Always centrifuge the vial before opening. Lyophilized protein should be reconstituted in water following instructions of batch Quality Control Sheet. At higher concentrations solubility may be reduced. Optimal concentration should be determined for specific application.

Storage and Stability: This lyophilized preparation is stable at 2-8º C for short term. For longer storage it should be kept at -20ºC. Reconstituted protein should be stored in working aliquots at –20°C. Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended.

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