Production System Advantages, Why plants? 

INVERNBecause they are able to produce recombinant proteins of highly complex 3D structure, the same way mammalian cell cultures do, including disulfide bonds and other post-translational modifications.  Even when glycosilation in plants is different in some proteins from mammalian, in our experience ALL our proteins are as active as their counterparts produced in CHO or similar. Our antibodies bind equally plant-produced and cell-produced proteins too.

Plant-produced proteins have no mammalian contaminants since this is a 100% animal free system.  This makes them ideal for cell biology experiments. Since not known plant pathogen has ever been described to infect mammalians, recombinant proteins produced in plant systems are ideal for animal and some cell-based studies. Moreover, since our antibodies are also generated against plant-produced proteins, they have no vertebrate cross-reaction, giving very clean backgrounds.

Our system is much faster than transgenic plants producing recombinant proteins; scaling up is lineal and simple compare to bio-reactors. We generate the Proof of concept for production of a new protein in few weeks .Finally we can produce from milligrams to grams of the protein to satisfy our client’s needs.