Recombinant Protein Custom Projects

We complete the proof of concept for any new protein and use the results to generate a real estimate production costs, yield and timing.

For a new project:

  • Our customer only needs to sends us the amino acid sequence of the protein to be produced.
  • An initial production is made at bench scale, generating an amount (100μg- 1 mg) which is sent to the client to test. This allows us to finely calculate production yield, timing and cost.
  • The obtained sample is sent to the customer with a complete report. We have implemented two sets of quality controls: physical and chemical identity of the protein (MALDI TOF, SDS PAGE, WB, etc) and activity control (biochemical activity and cell cultures). Results are typically available in 10-16 weeks.
  • Once the customer gives the OK, final production takes places in our greenhouses. Plant leaves are collected, grounded and protein purification begins in the laboratory. When the final amount of protein is produced we run all sets of quality control to guarantee the maximum purity and activity.

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