Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Agrenvec experience manufacturing polyclonal antibodies started to fulfill the high amount of pAb we usually consume in our own lab.

As a result, thanks to the distant phylogenetic relationship between the antigen donor (plant) and the antibody producer (rabbit), we found out a high titer antibody response.

Our antibodies have the following unique characteristics:

Clean Antibodies®: Our polyclonal antibodies have been generated against proteins produced in plants and therefore have no cross-reactivity with other mammalian proteins and therefore no background signal.

High Sensitivity: Our polyclonal antibodies detect less than 1ng by indirect ELISA.

High titre: In a Western Blot Assay, only 1 hour incubation is required with our primary anti-bodies.

Agrenvec protocols have been designed to get the best possible results, in terms of titre, affinity and specificity.

We offer now this experience to clients who need their own polyclonal antibody produced against a particular antigen:

  • The process starts with the immunization of rabbits using the antigen supplied by the customer and finishes with a lyophilized serum or purified IgG delivered to the client.
  • Rabbits typically give between 40ml and 90ml of serum.
  • Unpurified rabbit serum can be used directly in assays and is less expensive to purify.
  • Nevertheless, the antigen nature and format may affect the success of the process.
  • Optimal dilution conditions should be determined by the final user.
  • Users must determine the suitability of the product(s) for their particular use
  • For R&D purposes only. Not to be used in humans for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

The standard inoculation procedure can be modified to fit the client’s specific needs.

Antigens solution must be prepare in a PBS buffered solution, pH 7.4 at a concentration of 0.5 – 2 mg/mL

Prevention of bacterial growth in the serum or purified antibody can be attained by using an antimicrobial agent such as 0.02% sodium azide.

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