Active rh TFPI-2 Domain 1 – RF007

  • Description: Active human TFPI-2 Domain 1
  • Application: BIOASSAY, SDS-PAGE, WB
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Molecular weight: Recombinant human TFPI-2 domain 1, is a 9.3 kDa protein containing 79 amino acids residues.

Description: protease inhibitor peptide generated from the first Kunitz domain of the human Tissue Factor Protein Inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2) protein, after site-directed mutagenesis to increase its activity. Inhibits trypsin with high efficiency and Ki lower than TFPI-2 one. TFPI-2 has been shown to inhibit Endothelial Cell Matrix (ECM) proteases essential for angiogenesis and metastasis.

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Fig 1. Panel A show SDS-PAGE 15% Coomassie Blue of AGV 212 trypsin inhibitor purified by Gel filtration. Lane 1: Precision Plus Protein Standards cat 161-0363 BIORAD, lane 2: AGV 212 1mg/ml. Panel B show lane 1: Kaleidoscope Prestained Standards cat 161-0324 BIORAD, lane 2: the same samples analysed by Western Blot with specific antiserum. All bands observed shown the same peptide mass finger printing pattern, corresponding to AGV212. Post-translational modifications do exist among the different bands nevertheless they do not alter their activity.

Biological Activity: The activity of the inhibitor is expressed as the amount of trypsin inhibited per milligram of inhibitor. The ability to prevent the hydrolysis of benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester hydrochloride by trypsin is measured by spectrophotometer.

One mg protein will inhibit 1-1.5 mg trypsin with activity of approximately 10,000 BAEE units per mg protein.


Human recombinant protein expressed in Nicotiana benthamiana.

 Bulk sizes are available upon request.

For R&D purposes only. Purchaser must determine the suitability of the product(s) for their particular use.