Active rh Activin AB protein – RF0037

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  • Description: Active human Activin AB
  • Application: BIOASSAY, SDS-PAGE, WB
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Molecular weight: Activin AB  is a disulphide linked heterodimer of subunits βA / βB .   βA Single chain, containing 116 aa  (13.7 kDa) and βB single chain, 123 amino residues (14kDa). Recombinant human Activin AB contains a His-tag at the N-terminal end.

Description: AActivins are homodimers or heterodimers of the various β subunit isoforms, belonging to the TGFβ family. Mature Activin AB has two chains of 116 and 123 amino acids residues (βA-βB). Activin exhibits a wide range of biological activities, including mesoderm induction, neural cell differentiation, bone remodelling, haematopoiesis, and reproductive physiology. Activins plays a key role in the production and regulation of hormones such as FSH, LH, GnRH and ACTH. Inhibins /Activins are proteins that are formed by the dimerization of two subunits, i. e. an α with either βA –inhibin A- or βB – inhibin B. The subunits  βA and  βB can also form homodimers or heterodimers calleds activins: Activin A (βAβA), Activin B (βBβB) and Activin AB (βAβB). The activin gene family comprises the additional, but poorly characterized members activin βC, βD, and βE.
As with other members of the super-family, Activins interact with two types of cell surface trans-membrane receptors (Types I and II) which have intrinsic serine/threonine kinase activities in their cytoplasmic domains, Activin type 1 receptors, ACVR1, ACVR1B, ACVR1C  and Activin type 2 receptors, ACVR2A, ACVR2B.
The development of assays distinguishing between different forms of activins and inhibins, along with knock-in and knock-out models, have provided evidence that the betaA- and betaB-subunits have independent and separate roles physiologically. Additionally, evaluation of ligand-receptor interactions indicates significant differences in receptor affinity between activin isoforms, as well as between inhibin isoforms.

Figure 1.- SDS-PAGE analysis of human recombinant Activin AB. Lane MWM: molecular weight marker (kDa). Lane1: 1 ug and lane 2: 2 ug of human recombinant Activin AB.


Figure 2.- Serological identification. Dot-blot analysis of human recombinant Activin AB, Activin A and Activin B with specifics antisera.

Biological Activity: The biological activity of Activin AB is measured by its ability to inhibit mouse plasmacytoma cell line (MPC-11) cells proliferation. EC50 <5ng/mL are required to stimulate a half-maximal response at cytokine saturation. Note: Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.

rf0037-2 (2)

 Human recombinant protein expressed in Nicotiana benthamiana.

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