Active rh TIMP-2 – RF0101

  • Description: Active human TIMP-2
  • Application: Functional studies, Cell assay, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, Antibody Production.
  • Alternative Names:  CSC-21K, Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 2
  • UniProtKB: P16035
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Molecular weight: Recombinant human TIMP-2 is a 22.5 kDa protein containing 194 amino acid residues (27 al 220 P16035 TIMP2_HUMAN) with a His tag N-terminal.

Description: The tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) are naturally-occurring proteins that specifically inhibit matrix metalloproteinases and regulate extracellular matrix turnover and tissue remodeling by forming tight bound inhibitory complexes with the MMPs. Thus, TIMPs maintain the balance between matrix destruction and formation. An imbalance between MMPs and the associated TIMPs may play a significant role in the invasive phenotype of malignant tumors. MMPs play an important role in wound healing, apoptosis, bone elongation, embryo development, uterine involution, angiogenesis, and tissue remodeling, and in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, malignant gliomas, lupus, arthritis, periodontitis, glomerulonephritis, atherosclerosis, tissue ulceration, and in cancer cell invasion and metastasis. Numerous studies have shown that there is a close association between expression of various members of the MMP family by tumors and their proliferative and invasive behavior and metastatic potential.
TIMP-2 can also act through an MMP-independent mechanism inhibiting endothelial cell proliferation in vitro and demonstrates anti angiogenic activities in vivo.

RF0101-SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant TIMP-2
Figure 1. SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant TIMP-2. Samples were loaded in 15% SDS-polyacrylamide gel and stained with Coomassie blue. Lane 1: Molecular weight marker (MWM; kDa); Lane 2 and 3 contains 0.1 and 0.2 ug of rhuman TIMP-2. The recombinant protein migrate as a broad band between  14 to 22,5 kDa under reducing conditions. All bands shown in lane 2 have been identify by MALDI-TOFF as human TIMP-2.

RF0101-Western Blot TIMP-2

Figure 2.- Analysis of rhuman TIMP-2 with specific antibody by Western Blot; Lane 1: Molecular weight marker (MWM; kDa); Lane 2 and 3  contains 0.1 and 0.2 ug of rhuman TIMP-2 .

Biological Activity:

1.The specific activity is determined  by its ability to inhibit human MMP-1 induced hydrolysis of a chromogenic peptide substrate at room temperature.


Human recombinant protein expressed in Nicotiana benthamiana.

Bulk sizes are available upon request.

For R&D purposes only. Purchaser must determine the suitability of the product(s) for their particular use.

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